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Many older homes have lead paint in them, which can lead to all sorts of health issues. Allow a professional to provide you with lead paint removal so that you can keep yourself and anyone in your building safe.

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Providing Lead Paint Removal Throughout the State of Colorado

Lead paint can be a serious health hazard. If you’re worried about it in your building, then consider reaching out to a professional for assistance. At Edge Environmental, we can help clients throughout Grand Junction, Parker, Hamilton, and all throughout the state of Colorado with their lead paint removal needs. We are skilled, experienced professionals that put an emphasis on safety; reach out today to learn more.

Learn More About Lead Paint

Lead is an incredibly toxic material that used to be in paint or other materials. Despite lead paint being officially banned in 1978, more than 40% of homes in America have lead paint in them. Lead paint and lead dust are the most common ways to be exposed to lead.

Our professionals are here to make sure that you get the lead paint removal service you need to keep yourself safe. We’ll start by providing you with a lead paint inspection to determine if you’re at risk; a lead paint inspector from our team will carefully go through each room of the house or business to gather samples for an expert, third-party tester. They’ll provide us with the results we need to know what areas are safe and what ones aren’t. We’ll act quickly from there, completely stripping any lead paint from the walls, working with care to make sure we don’t leave behind any dust or chips. This, in turn, can help you make sure that your property is safe.

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We’re ready to help clients near Grand Junction, Parker, Hamilton, and all throughout Colorado. If you need professional lead paint removal, then consider giving us a call.

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We’ll inspect your property and completely strip lead paint from your walls for your peace of mind.