Two house painters in hazmat suits removing lead paint from an old house.

Lead Paint Removal in Denver, CO: Residential & Commercial Lead Paint Remediation Services

If you’ve discovered lead paint in your Denver home or business, it needs to be removed carefully and thoroughly. Handling the job yourself can lead to long term issues with lead particles remaining after sanding or peeling. At Edge Environmental, our priority is keeping you safe. Our Denver lead paint remediation team is careful throughout the whole process, cleaning up all remaining particles after each day and keeping your home or business well ventilated. Our lead paint removal services will return your Denver home or business to a safe environment in no time.

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Superior Lead Paint Removal Services in Denver

When removing lead paint from your Denver home or business, it’s crucial to have a team that knows how to keep your environment safe every day. With Edge Environmental, we follow expert’s guidelines to ensure the environment is well ventilated at all times and cleaned after every day of work. Whether we’re sanding or using chemical cleansers, you can rest assured no particles of lead will remain once our remediation services have finished. With our Denver team, you can expect an expert lead paint removal company and results that last. Start breathing easier with Edge Environmental today.

Affordable Lead Paint Remediation for Denver Homes & Businesses

Removing lead paint is a health necessity, and here at Edge Environmental, we believe that means it should be affordable for everyone. That’s why we keep our prices competitive, so your Denver home or business can receive complete remediation services from an expert lead paint removal company. Our team is careful and thorough, stripping out all problematic paint and ensuring your floors and walls are clear of any residual lead particles. For a fast, affordable, and professional lead paint removal company, you’ll find no better choice in Denver than Edge Environmental.

Safe Services From Expert Denver Contractors

Your safety is our primary concern, which is why we handle every job with exceptional care. We always seal all internal vents and provide external ventilation to give all particles an airflow to escape through. And we still clean the rooms at the end of each day to ensure nothing lingers. And once all the dust has settled, we do another round of cleaning to ensure we didn’t miss a single surface. For some of the safest and fastest services in the Denver area, look no further than Edge Environmental.

Cutting Edge Abatement and Hazardous Material Solutions

Edge Environmental remains a leader throughout Denver, CO when it comes to dealing with asbestos or any other hazardous material affecting your home, school, or office. With highly mobile equipment, expert technicians, and a proven system that combines comprehensive care with unmatched quality, we’re confident we can get your property back to safe, livable conditions. Reach out today and request a quote from one of the most reliable abatement and hazardous material services in Denver, CO.


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