Hazmat Cleanup/General Hazmat

When you have a HAZMAT cleanup project, you do not have time to waste. Edge Environmental provides 24 hour emergency response services to industrial, transportation and residential hazmat spills. Our dependable, fully trained OSHA certified rapid response crews can respond to virtually any hazardous and non-hazardous incidents, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

•HAZMAT Spill Response and Incident Management
•Emergency Spill Response and Containment
•Site Cleanup, Remediation and Restoration
•Soil Excavation and Treatment
•Hazardous Materials Management, and Disposal
•Level A, B and C Personal, Protective Equipment (PPE) as necessary


We have the people and the tools to meet all of your hazardous material cleanup needs. Edge can mobilize quickly for an immediate response. Fast mobilization can eliminate additional environmental impact for our customers.

Our HAZMAT cleanup services include an immediate incident assessment and impact analysis that allows us to quickly devise a containment strategy. We fully document on-site activities and work with regulatory agencies to ensure full compliance with all environmental regulations. Contact Edge for all your HAZMAT cleanup needs and stay on the cutting Edge of your environment.